January 20, 2018

Welcome to HobbyWare.Org. This is a collection of my programs and projects which are free downloads to anyone who wants them.

Hobbyware.org Taking Off to Outer Space

I'm not really taking off to space, so much as I'm taking a break from Hobbyware.org. I plan on updating the site and continuing to make videos in the future, however I feel like I need a change of pace for a bit. I expect Hobbyware.org to be on a standstill for 6 months to a year, during which time this awesome photo of a Tesla sports car in space that I took during a web cast of the Falcon Heavy launch will have to tide you over. Til next time: Enjoi!

The final update before the site goes in break mode is a second video on fighting warping in 3D printing. If you find yourself needing to create objects that are structurally ridged, but have a tough time with the extreme warping then this video is for you. I'm hoping that it will help you make your project much closer to what you designed.

Hobbyware.org Labs 2018 is now live! Check out the below to see how I have my lab setup and get some ideas for your own lab setup. In this video I walk through a concept of what I want my future lab to look like once have I have some more space to grow.


Hobbyware.org Labs 2018

This is the Hobbyware.org Labs 2018 video, watch to see how I have my lab setup and for ideas on creating your own maker lab setup.


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