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Cold/Dry Environment Helper Disks

A cold environment when 3d printing can lead to excessive warping: AKA curing in your 3D prints. Living in Canada, in a city where the air is dry and the temperatures are cold, I tend to see a drastic curing on my 3d prints where corners are involved. I downloaded and placed Helper Disks from Thingiverse only to find that the helper disks left the build plate and resulted in a curled print. There are two things that could prevent curing in 3d printing in my case, Prevent the cold airflow from touching the 3d Print, and then increase the size of the helper disks used if the previous was not possible.

While this may be simple in design, a larger helper disk can greatly increase the “Stickablity” of the print to the build plate, especially when you are using rafting – which decreases the surface area in contact with the build plate.

So I present: the cold environment helper disk, an excessively large helper disk designed to keep your prints from curling in cold and dry environments!



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