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Tobacco Plug Press

Since taking in the hobby of processing my own tobacco. I decided that It would be interesting to create some Plug Tobacco from scratch. To do this you need a press. I knew that this press would have to be very strong to withstand the forces of the entire operation. So I designed a circular tube, the same size as the metal tins that I would be putting the tobacco in to esure a clean fit. Then I designed two plates that would take the force of the C-Clamp being pressed down on it. I thought it would be nice if one of the two plates could represent my brand (Baron's Leaf). This plate has raised lettering on it so that theoretically it will stamp my logo into the plug of tobacco.

UPDATE: Pressing a logo into a plug of tobacco is not as simple as it seems, you can't just press the logo into a fresh patch of tobacco... it tends to stick to the logo side of the press and upon removal of the plates it rips the intricacies of the logo. So I thought, what about pressing the logo with a flat plate lightly, and then pressing with more force, the logo printing plate. The only problem was that I couldn't get the flat plate to come out of the press... I may have to make the outer dimensions of the flat plate slightly smaller to allow an easier exchange of the two presses.

Tobacco Press Design

After blending the tobacco and applying the C-Clamp to the 3d printed parts, there is a process of about 2 weeks where you tighten the C-Clamp tigher every 24 hours. Below is the finished product. The labels for the tins were also designed using GIMP and together with the Gold Metal tins, it really brings the whole finished product together.

Tobacco Press        Tobcacco Tin

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