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This project is partly inspired by conversational/social robots, and other parts such as home automation. The objective is a robot that will interact with guests in your home and will facilitate the operation of the household (no, not cooking and cleaning!). There will be several technologies that the robot will employ. To name a few: MySQL databases, Microsoft Robotics Studio and C#, Kinect and various Robotics Hardware. This is one of those projects that will probably never really be complete, but be added to, expanded, stopped and started over the years.

For the time being it will be closed source as there is much work that needs to be done before I am ready to release the source code. In version 0.21 of Project 13 you can teach the program from pre-made sentence files or make your own. The program will then decide what type of word each sentence is (noun, verb etc.). Common sentence patterns are learned slowly and by how often each sentence pattern is used.

Thanks for your interest in this project and enjoi!

I very interested in your ideas and what you would have a social robot act like and functional pieces that the robot could perform.

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