Version: 1.0
License: Open Source
Download: VB.Net 4.0 / x86

Remote Controlled Boe Bot

This is the program and source code for a remote controlled Boe Bot. The package contains 3 parts the first being the firmware for the Boe Bot. When uploaded to a Boe Bot with the Easy Bluetooth Module installed it works with a Windows program to allow you to move the robot using WASD keys on the keyboard or the virtual control pad. The third part of the package is the source code for the Windows program. The program is written in VB.Net 4.0 and is a Visual Studio 2010 Project.

As always with my open source software, feel free to modfiy the source code to your desire, and if you improve the program and want me to include the changes send your modifications to:

Thanks for your interest in this project and Enjoi!


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