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License: Open Source
Download: Win7/8/10

Vaping Juice/Lab Mixer

When I make vaping juice I found that to get the best quality out of my Juices that I needed to mix them well before hand. I decided to make a mixer to serve this purpose. While this project was originally made for vaping, It could easily be used as a Lab Mixer for mixing chemicals.

The Vaping Juice/Lab Mixer is designed in a way that allows you to use a syringe to extract the contents from the container preventing unnecessary waste. The method that I use to accomplish this is an inverted cone bowl. With this all the liquids run down into the center creating an easy pool for you to extract your liquids from. The mixing portion of the device contains a geared motor that provides enough torque to accomplish the mixing with out sacrificing too much speed. The blade head is designed to be interchangeable to make for easy cleaning and allows you to swap out the blade with a different one to change the mixing style.

The Parts

- Power Supply Buy Here
- Plug in Wall Wort (9 Volt 1 Amp) Buy Here
- Geared Mini Motor (30:1) Buy Here
- Green Momentary Push Button Buy Here
- 4 Machine Screws 6-32 X 2 1/2
- 8 Machine Screws 6-32 X 1/2
- 3D Printed Parts (Download parts from the top of the page)

Tools and Supplies

- Screw Driver
- Soldering Iron
- Electronics Solder
- 3D Printer

Vaping Lab Mixer Vaping Lab Mixer
Vaping Lab Mixer Vaping Lab Mixer

Feel free to download a copy of STL and sketchup files from the black box at the top of the page. Enjoi!


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