April 2, 2020

Welcome to Hobbyware.org. This is a collection of my programs and projects which are free downloads to anyone who wants them.

Hobbyware.org COVID-19 Response

During these crazy times we are seeing an exponential curve in the number of people who have become infected with COVID-19. Just today we have had over 1 million people infected world wide, infected people are in our communities and the likelihood that we will interact with someone who has COVID-19 becomes evermore real . Yet we can't just hide away in our homes, we still need to get groceries and necessities to run our households. While social distancing is helpful there will be times that a person could get within 2 meters of you. For these situations you want to be prepared incase they have become infected with the virus.

Hobbyware.org's response to fighting this virus is to stay inside and away from other people as much as possible and develop a solution for the times when you may accidentally come in contact with an infected person. This is an open source mask and shield that can be 3d printed from your computer and used for when you go out into public situations. This can also be used for front line health care workers in a pinch should they not have access to medical grade products. Because this is open source, people in poor countries can get access to cheap, easy to build COVID-19 face mask and shield that might prevent them from becoming infected.

Please go to the Projects heading, COVID-19 Facemask To download a copy for yourself and others.

I would also like to share Open Source Ventilator https://opensourceventilator.ie/ in case anyone needs these devices. It's at times like these that Open Source and Maker communities come together to overcome this global pandemic, and encourage other makers to contribute in any way they can. Stay safe and healthy!

Other News

I have been getting upping my COVID-19 quarantine game by spending more time in the lab these couple months. The updates for this month is a 3d Printed Raspberry PI RFID box for housing your next RFID project. It has space for a Raspberry Pi, Cables and MFRC522 Board to build your next RFID solution. Head on over to the projects section, subsection 3d Printing, R-Pi3 RFID Box to download a copy for yourself. With the Coronavirus going on and an apocalypse pending, spend some quality time in your lab... away from the infected!!!

This update is about the craft products I design, grow and build, and the labels that I am using for my craft products. I have labels for all sorts of products, including Vape Juice, Pipe Tobacco, Cannabis, Car Banners, Food and Medicinal Herbs, Hot Sauce and Shisha. I am trying my hand at making these various products from different stages of development, for example growing peppers from seed to hot sauce, Designing a car for a mechanic to build. To trying to figure out how to make shisha. Head on over to the computers section and click on Baron's Products to see my designs.

The update to the site last time around is a tutorial on how to get RFID working on a Raspberry Pi, using Windows IOT Core. I go over the products you will need to purchase as well as hooking up the RFID sensor, Installing the OS, the code and what sort of interesting things you can do with a working prototype. Head on over to the Projects section, Subsection Raspberry Pi RFID to see the video and read the tutorial.


Hobbyware.org Labs 2019

This is the Hobbyware.org Labs 2019 video, watch to see how I have my lab setup and for ideas on creating your own maker lab setup.


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